Why You’re Better Off With Vape Juice Made In The U.S.A

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Ever wonder what’s in your vape juice, and what may be lurking in the vapor you just inhaled? In the U.S. we take product safety and quality for granted. We can look at any ingestible product label to see what’s in it and who made it.

At Swizzle Stix Vapors all of our products are manufactured right here In the U.S.A and we made sure the ingredients we use are ultra high quality so you can feel good about what your vaping. So, you can look our label and know exactly what’s in it!

Unfortunately, while vape juice is on the government’s radar, agencies like the FDA appear to be more concerned with marketing tactics than they are with protecting vapers from poor manufacturing practices and unregulated conditions abroad. Hopefully that will change.

Beware of Imported Vape Juice

Search the web and you’ll find many people who don’t trust Chinese e-liquids for the potentially harmful ingredients that may be in them. We’ve all heard horror stories about things like lead in the paint used for children’s toys or pet food that was so toxic it killed family pets. Horrible!

One of the most shocking scandals happened in 2006. Chinese manufacturers substituted diethylene glycol, an industrial solvent, for the sweetener glycerin in cough medicine and toothpaste. It caused more than 350 deaths in Panama, China and other countries. Pretty outrageous right!?

It’s important that product safety supersedes the almighty dollar. That said, some Vapers say where their vape juice comes from doesn’t matter and they just want to pay less. Listen, we can’t knock you for being frugal, but as with most things, quality has a price, and you get what you pay for. If you want peace of mind, buy premium vape juice made in the U.S.A.

The Problems With Cheap or Poorly Made Vape Juice

E-liquids are made all over the world. How do you separate the good from the bad? It’s important to be able to know the difference between quality and crap! Sometimes, companies will use low quality ingredients in their vape juice to save a buck, and that’s a big problem!

Here are some things to think about when buying imported e-liquid, or any e-liquid. First, price matters! If it’s cheap, or if it has questionable ingredients, think twice about buying it.

Second, labels have a real purpose other than just looking good! The label should show the PG/VG ratios, ingredients and manufacturer. If it doesn’t, consider other options. Third, quality packaging will have security and safety measures built-in like child resistant caps. Lastly, there’s the flavor test. Is the flavor too strong or non-existent, or maybe it taste chemical-y? Does it make you feel sick? If so, go ahead and stop vaping it. Trash it!

If any of the above examples raise a red flag, don’t buy it! Make sure you buy authentic made in the U.S.A vape juice or at least e-juice form a reputable manufacturer.

Why Buy American-Made E-Liquids

The regulatory agency for e-Liquids in the U.S. is the Food and Drug Administration. You’ll find e-liquid classified as a tobacco product under the Tobacco Products section of the www.fda.gov website. You can click the link to check it out if you’re interested. And believe me,There is some really THRILLING reading there, let me tell you ;).

U.S. e-Liquid manufacturers are supposed to register their products with the FDA by submitting a list of ingredients and their labels to ensure they meet the requirements. Unfortunately, it appears the FDA is more concerned with the marketing practices of vaping companies than with what’s in the juice coming from overseas manufacturers. That’s unfortunate, but I believe that will change. 

There’s also another entity that has a vested interest in the quality of your vape juice, and they’re called the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association or AEMSA.

AEMSA Certified Members adhere to strict quality controls and manufacturing standards set by the organization. This type of self regulation is great for the industry! They’re helping consumers and wholesale buyers purchase with confidence.

Some of the practices encouraged by AEMSA include things like using the highest quality nicotine and ensuring accuracy of content. Another thing is that they require e-juice be made in clean manufacturing environments, and that the e-liquids have not been exposed to external environments that could contaminate them. Then, there’s the requirement that the e-juice is properly packaged and sealed with tamper evidence seals, smear-resistant labels with appropriate information and child-resistant bottle-caps.

AEMSA Certified members are the only e-liquid manufacturers in the world with these verifications, and it’s a good thing!

Know the Quality of Your E-Liquid

Manufacturers that care use the best quality ingredients, while others are more focused on profit. Because of this, you should ask your vendor the right questions regarding the quality of your vape juice. If you don’t get the right answers, try another brand or another vendor. U.S. vape juice manufacturers should have nothing to hide and should be proud of the quality of their vape juice products!

If you have any questions about your vape juice, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help! Vape on!

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