Adult Signature Required laws – the down low.

Adult Signature Required what to know

What’s the deal with this Adult Signature Required service?

Adult Signature Required is the name of a service offered by USPS, FedEx, and other carriers that requires a signature from someone 21 and up to receive the package being delivered. In this case, e-liquids are being lumped together with alcohol as an age restricted product, and therefore “Adult” is defined as someone 21+.

Here are the facts.

As of March 29, 2019 signature upon delivery is required for the following states (click each state to read that specific statute):

TexasIowaMassachusettsNevadaNorth Dakota, & Virginia

Specifically, this service requires that SOMEONE at the delivery address be at least 21 years of age (and be able to provide an ID proving that) to accept the delivery.

What if your of legal age to purchase e-liquids in your state but you aren’t 21? It’s important to know that the person signing for the package does not have to be the person who paid for the product. For us working folk that means, if we have someone home to sign for our package then we’re good. If not, we still have options. Keep reading.

But why though?

The fact is that each state has the ability to create it’s own laws mandating the terms by which e-liquids can be bought, sold, and delivered. Just like how the FDA has the ability to regulate these things at a federal level.

As inconvenient as this will be for those who are of legal vaping age but are not yet 21, these are the rules we must abide by if we want to continue growing as an industry.

So, what’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is this, if you live in Texas, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Dakota, and Virginia, and you order e-liquids online then you will be required to follow these new rules. These laws do not currently effect Your state’s minimum age to purchase e-liquid.

Active Military shipping to an APO or FPO do not have to meet these requirements.

Here are some tips that will help make this a little less painful.

  • If you can have your package sent to your work, do it. Anyone over the age of 21 can sign for your package!
  • Try out USPS Informed Delivery – This is a free service that allows you to track your delivery via text alerts. If you notice that it will be arriving on a day that won’t work for you, you can have your carrier hold your package at your local post office.
  • You can also do this from your computer by visiting the USPS website, or by calling your local post office.
  • Schedule or plan to order at a time when you know you or someone 21+ will be home. USPS delivers Monday through Saturday and also takes about 2-3 business days.

Alright, but what if I don’t have someone 21+ to sign for me!?

Yeah, that’s the real issue here. This is the deal. USPS attempt delivery 2-3 times before returning to sender. After these attempts your package will be held at your local post office for a day or two (sometimes longer) before returning the package to Swizzle Stix. So, just throw on some good music and take a little ride to the post office before they send your stuff back to us!

What if I use a P.O. Box?

What happens for you is your postal carrier will leave a card in your box – you’ll have to take it to the counter (with your ID) and sign for it there to take your package.

What about the cost?

Unfortunately this service isn’t free. But, we will still provide free shipping on US orders over $30!! We’re dedicated to spoiling our customers as much as we can, and we’ll do whatever we can to make this less of a headache! If your order is under $30 we will have to charge a flat rate of $8.75 for first class shipping. Those of you who live outside of US will have variable shipping rates dependent on many factors, but we’ll do our best to hook you all up as well ;).

Another way to circumvent this issue is to get Swizzle Stix in your local vape shop! Just ask them to reach out to us!

Our shipping rates explained.

For orders over $30, we’ll continue to cover the standard rate for USPS first class shipping and the fee for adult signature required service… you’re welcome!

For orders under $30, shipping cost is $8.75.

TL;DR (“to long didn’t read” for those who don’t reddit):

  • Adult Signature Delivery 21+ is a new legal requirement when shipping to these states: TX, IA, MA, NV, ND, and VA. It’s your states fault, not ours, we don’t love it either.
  • ANYONE 21 or up, needs to be available to sign for the delivery. It doesn’t have to be you. Transit time is 2-3 business days: USPS delivers Mon – Sat.
  • Shipping to a PO Box? No problem!
  • USPS has an app that will help track and manage your delivery.
  • We’re still covering USPS first class shipping for purchases over $30 including the additional fee for the adult signature!
  • If you’re Active Military and are shipping to any of these states, click here to avoid all of this (military addresses operate under federal jurisdiction, rather than state).
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