Ridiculously good e-juice with little to no sweeteners

The Legend of the Swizzle Stix


Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a man – an animal really – who lived in the sky.

He spent his days laboring away, his boom stick and his dreams his only reprieve from the monotony of his work. He’d meander through his dingy corner of the sky completing his menial tasks, but always dreaming. There must be something more. Something better. Hmmm.

His boom stick would soothe him, help him to lose himself in his thoughts. He’d fire it off as often as he could: when he woke, after every meal surely the stick would roar, and he’d fire it off every night before bed to help him sleep peacefully. The boom stick was great. The problem was, it filled his sky with dark, nasty clouds, only increasing the crushing weight of his existence. The dark clouds would swirl around him, permeating everything they came in contact with and leaving behind an awful toxic stench. They tainted his loin cloth, his luck dragon Falcor’s scaly fur, everything!

One fateful day, as he toiled in the blistering heat of the pulsating neon sun, she appeared. The winged woman. The beauty. The goddess. Her shimmering strands of golden hair billowing in the wind. Her emerald green eyes smiling at him. Beckoning him. “Come”, they called. He was hypnotized by her glow. She was wonderful! Her aura, and her scent! Oh, she smelled amazing! She told him she knew of a place filled with an endless sea of fluffy, ivory clouds. She had just come from there. He instructed her to climb onto Falcor with him and to lead them to this place with the ivory clouds. Could this be what he had been searching for?!

They whisked away. Her soft, but strong arms wrapped firmly around his tight, shredded abdomen. There! The crevace! The dark, murky clouds parted as Falcor sliced through them. On the other side, the clouds were truly fantastic! They were bright, fluffy, and they smelled amazing! He reached for his boom stick to fire it off in celebration of this new discovery! But wait, the boom stick, it was so stinky… He tossed it.

The golden angel embraced him, kissing him passionately. Slowly she reached her bronzed hand into the sky. With a brilliant flash of blinding white light, two new kinds of boom sticks appeared in her palm. “Swizzle Stix,” she said. These were the cloud creators. She handed one to him with a knowing smile. Falcor laughed a jolly belly laugh as they weaved through the majestic new clouds. This is home now.

The End

Or is it just the beginning?





Our take on an iconic flavor is reminiscent of the artwork of Shepard Fairey. Familiar, recognizable—and at the same time, completely fresh and new. It’s a rich, robust, dark roast coffee, perfectly sweetened with brown sugar and Bavarian cream with just a hint of coconut. It’s literally the best coffee you’ll ever vape. It’s damn good. Just damn good coffee.

This work is a derivative of a photo by Incase / CC BY 2.0

This work is a derivative of a photo by Alex / CC BY-SA 2.0



Some of our favorite works of street art are mash-ups, combining several styles into one unforgettable piece. Inspired by the versatility of street artists like Stinkfish, Lorena’s Leche is a full-flavored strawberry cheesecake blend that’s all original. Orgasmically creamy, thick plumes of sweet, ripe strawberry tangled up in a rich, custardy cheesecake with just the right amount of crumbly graham cracker crust. Vape heaven.



Jungle Frost! It’s mouth-watering strawberry kiwi medley is evocative of the big, bold artwork of Retna. Cool and refreshing — bright, sweet notes of juicy strawberry, kiwi and green apple perfectly blend with a creamy meringue to create one of our finest flavors. The iced-out chill on the exhale is money… all day.

This work is a derivative of a photo by Lord Jim / CC BY 2.0



Being based in Texas, we get HOT. Like, real hot. We needed something light, cool, refreshing! That’s exactly what Crush That Cactus is. It’s like pouring sparkling cool water on a dry steamy tongue after days without a drink. The juiciest watermelon and crushed dragonfruit, drizzled with cold-pressed tahitian lime, is like finding an oasis in the desert. It will bring you life.

Strawberry Swanga


Sometimes you just need an island vacay! Cool breeze and palm trees, you know what I’m saying? With Strawberry Swanga you can swiggity swerve your way into paradise with every puff. Plump juicy strawberries and golden pineapple smothered in decadent coconut cream hits the spot every time. Swang on, playas.