Four Best Vape Juices of 2019

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Finding a great new e-juice isn’t easy. It’s like searching for a new beer or wine. You’ve got an almost infinite number of options to choose from! You could sample and taste until you find the brand you love, or you can save yourself some time and money and just try the one that everyone is talking about! Don’t you just want to know what the best vape juice of 2019 is without wasting all that time and money?!

At Swizzle Stix Vapors, we decided to add value to the e-juice industry by creating a stable of intricately hand crafted “premium” e-juices using only the highest quality ingredients, no additional sweeteners to gunk up your coils, and to offer them to you at great prices! Sure, we could charge a premium for our e-liquids, but we kind of think that’s pretentious and played out. Lauren and I are just everyday folk, just trying to get by, and we’re just happy to have as many people as possible try our creations. So, are you ready to discover this sweet Texas treat and the four of the best vape juice of 2019 and beyond? Read on.

Swizzle Stix Vapors has four of the best vape juices of 2019, and you probably haven’t even heard of us yet. That’s because, like a boutique winery, we produce small, hand- crafted batches of the tastiest, smoothest e-juice you’ve ever puffed. Since the FDA banned sampling in vape shops, it can be an expensive and frustrating gamble to buy and try flavors. You’re better off investing in premium vape juice instead of buying a cheap, awfully flavored, throat-searing e-liquid.

Is Premium Vape Juice Worth It?

Before we proceed, let’s dispel the myth that there is no difference between cheap and premium vape juice. There is a huge difference. You only need to puff one after the other to notice.

All vape juice contains the same essential ingredients: propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, nicotine (unless it’s a zero nicotine), plus flavoring. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can be food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade. However, pharmaceutical-grade makes
the best vape juice.

A cheap e-liquid will use only a base flavoring while a premium juice will have additional flavors to accentuate the base flavor. It’s like the difference between grape juice and wine. The wine has many more flavor profiles to interest your palette. The reasons premium e-juices are worth you time and money is that you will have consistency in every bottle, complex and interesting recipes, and proprietary flavor blends you won’t find anywhere else. Plus you have trained professionals mixing these recipes under strict quality control systems.

So, yes, a premium vape will give you more flavor and vaping pleasure and not always for a higher price! Without further ado, here are four of the best, premium vape juices you need to try.

Best Vape Juice Flavors for 2019

Swizzle Stix Vapors is family owned and operated. Every recipe has been personally tested and tasted by us, Patrick and Lauren, the owners. Our vaping family and friends are a brutally honest, no- holds-barred tasting panel who demand the best. If they don’t like it, we don’t sell it. Our tasters hold us accountable and they are the reason these four recipes are the best vape flavors for 2019.

Damn Good Coffee

Close your eyes and imagine a big steaming mug of the best damn coffee you’ve ever tasted. Coffee so good that the smell itself is almost as satisfying as the first sip. That’s what it’s like when you vape Damn Good Coffee. From the first hit, you’ll feel a rush of coffee flavor that isn’t harsh or bitter. It has the realistic taste of a dark roast coffee with the added complexity of sweet Bavarian cream, brown sugar and just a hint of coconut. It provides a rich and robust flavor that tastes just how it smells. Absolutely amazing.

Damn Good Coffee is not crazy sweet like other coffee or breakfast vape juices. If you like rich, dark coffee with something more, this is the best vape juice you’re gonna find. Shoot, even if you don’t necessarily like coffee there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this award winning e-juice. It’s quickly becoming a must have on every discerning vaper’s list.

Lorena’s Leche

You’ve probably had a strawberry cheesecake vape or 3 in your day, but if you haven’t had Lorena’s Leche you’re playing yourself. The best vape juice flavor in the dessert/fruit category for 2019 has to be Lorena’s Leche.

Besides it’s orgasmic taste It produces thick clouds that are like a smooth vanilla milkshake. The taste of fresh, ripe strawberries piled on top of velvety cheesecake and the moist refreshing essence of a tres leches is toe curling. The throat-hit is very subtle. It feels as creamy as it tastes! What people tend to rave about is the perfect marriage of each flavor. It’s not hit-you-over-the-head strawberry, just mild and enjoyable notes that blend perfectly with the other flavors. If you’re into big clouds, Lorena’s Leche is the one you want. It produces thick yummy clouds. Most people who try it find rich strawberry flavor on the inhale and a soothing, tasty custard and cheesecake exhale. The custard isn’t overpowering but enhances the cheesecake flavor profile quite nicely. And the graham cracker finish is the perfect touch. This is vape heaven.

Strawberry Swnaga

For all of our tropical fruit loving vapers out there, we created the best premium vape juice with a island kick that really hits the spot. Strawberry Swanga has a blend of fresh strawberries and pineapple surrounded by decadent coconut cream. Our fans describe Strawberry Swanga as an island getaway that’s right for every vaping occasion. They swear by it, and we get it. Fruity, tropical, and creamy it’s really just an easy choice. Strawberry Swanga is simply the best tropical vape juice of 2019 and beyond!

Crush That Cactus

Like a mountain of gold bars, we’ve kept this flavor vaulted up for over years while we awaited the perfect time to release it. This e-liquid is one of the best vape juice flavor combinations we’ve ever created. No Bull. We’re in Texas, and we get HOT. Like, really hot. We need something light, cool, and refreshing! That’s exactly what Crush That Cactus is. It’s like pouring cold, spring water on your parched tongue after days without a drink. Imagine trudging across the burning desert. You come across a shaded oasis with gorgeous staff serving up tall pitchers of ice cold watermelon juice and crushed dragon fruit drizzled with cold pressed Tahitian lime. Crush That Cactus e-liquid is that refreshing, and it will bring you back to life with one hit. You just might never want to vape anything else, honestly.

People who’ve had the pleasure to try this one have snapped it up as fast as we can make it. If you are tired of overly sweet, saturated vape juices, Crush That Cactus serves up something totally new, delicious and refreshing whether your sizzling in the sunshine or banging the bumps on a Colorado mountain top.

All of our premium vape juices are a 70VG/30PG blend available in 0, 3 or 6 mg nicotine.

Why Swizzle Stix Makes the Best Vape Juice Flavors

We started making vape juice to help us quit smoking cigarettes. By us I mean me, Patrick. I smoked for over 15 years and I hated it, but I just wouldn’t stop. Weak will I guess. Lauren didn’t like me smoking either but lucky for me she was patient with me. When my 3 year old son crawled into bed with us one morning to snuggle and instead recoiled in disgust at the ash tray smell I was emitting I knew it was time for a change. E-liquid worked for me when nothing else would, and so did our recipes. Our friends and family insisted we spread the flavor, and we did!

We started mixing every night after work in our own kitchen, using the best ingredients we could find. We focused on creating blends that were intricate enough to not require additional sweeteners that gunk up coils and just left a bad flavor in you mouth. It turned out that we weren’t the only ones who liked this style of e-juice. When we couldn’t keep up with demand we saw an opportunity to scale, and we were very fortunate to be able to do just that.

Our products are now manufactured by the pros in the great state of Texas in an FDA approved clean facility with far better ingredients than we initially had access too. Our e-juice is now better than ever and now we have the absolute pleasure of sharing our creations with more people than we ever imagined possible. When you try any of these four delicious e-liquids, we think you’ll agree that these are the
best vape juice flavors of 2019. And we hope you do.

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